Through the Eye of the Tiger

This article was written for the dakini Tiger Campaign. To read the original post, click here.

Tiger snuggleA little nap always seemed like the best way to cure writer’s block…

“In a jungle in central India, a Bengal tigress hears a familiar sound and raises her head.

Black stripes weave through her burnt orange coat, distinguishing her from all other tigers. Her tapestry of fur is nature’s art, as individual as a human fingerprint, and it distinguishes her from all other tigers. White fluff surrounds the dark rims of her eyes, making them seem even more luminous than they are. The shining, citrine-colored centers focus on the source of the sound…”

So begins dakini’s breathtaking book TIGERS, written by acclaimed writer and big cat enthusiast Carol Kaufmann. As you all know, the book will be printed in the Spring and the pre-orders have been flooding in at

But, in the meantime, we want to give you the chance to take part in a whole new tiger story… this time, written by YOU. On Monday, we’ll provide you with the first line of a tiger story. Then, we’ll ask you to come up with the next line, and the next, and the next, until we have a complete Tiger Tale created as the collective effort of dozens – potentially hundreds – of budding tiger writers.

The experiment will be run entirely through Twitter.  We’ve set up a Tiger Tale twitter account, @dakiniTigerTale, where you’ll be able to watch the story develop and see each new line as it appears. To suggest the next line, simply tweet your idea starting with #tigertale. We’ll then retweet our favourites to form the story.

You’ll be able to browse all the suggestions at any time by searching #tigertale. If you see one you love and you want to ‘nominate’ it as the next line, retweet it – we can’t promise we’ll decide to use it but it will bring it to our attention!

The project will kick off at 12.30 GMT on Monday 17th January – follow @dakiniTigerTale to be kept in the loop. The Tiger Campaign is all about building a future for tigers by encouraging people to understand, empathise and fight for their protection; we’ll be looking for contributions that are not only make for a great story but also show an understanding of and appreciation for these magnificent animals in the wild. We want a story that really does show the world through the Eye of the Tiger.

Good luck and happy writing!

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