About Lindsey

Hello! I’m a UK-born, Cambodia-based, Kiwi-passport-carrying and frequently roaming journalist and documentary filmmaker, covering stories about development, security, human, civil & privacy rights, arts & culture, tech and (less frequently) travel.

I’m the director of the journalism collective and documentary production company TePonui Media, and editor-in-chief of TePonui titles TheFiftyFour.news and What’s On Phnom Penh. My work has been published/broadcast in places like the Guardian, Foreign Policy, Quartz, InsideOver, How We Get to Next, The Human Development Project and Cambridge TV. You can view my full journo portfolio here.

Before I became a journalist, I was the Creative Director of the Mobile Studio Company, an excellent, boutique video production agency based in Cambridge, UK. Check them out – they’re a lovely bunch.

I also direct and write plays. And the odd poem. Occasionally. As a treat.

Want to say hello? Drop me a note at lindsey[at]teponui.com


  1. AWESOME interview with Steve Curwood/ Living on Earth. I’ve been sharing that link all day. It’s so reassuring to have a source of truth. As in “OMG. A professional journalist!” Thank you, Lindsey Kennedy.


    1. I just saw this! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. It’s a scary world out there right now with so many conspiracy theories flying around; I was grateful for the chance to talk about facts and real issues underlying the crisis.


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