Struggles over the control of information, personal freedoms and even national security are moving online. Today, we’re witnessing the rise of cyberattacks by governments, keyboard warriors and digital guns-for-hire on everything from global conglomerates, foreign government agencies and national infrastructure systems through to individual political figures and activists, NGOs and media outlets.

Since 2014, I have written extensively on issues of cybersecurity and the implications of cybercrime on politics, business and civil society, as well as on online censorship and how to bypass it. That includes stints as editor of The Global Treasurer and deputy editor of Treasury Insider, as well as freelance features in Foreign Policy and Naga News.

More recently I have been commissioned to write expert analyses and guides to cybersecurity and internet censorship for outlets in the US and the UK.

See below for examples.


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Chinese Hackers Back Beijing’s Authoritarian Pals (Foreign Policy)

Chinese government-backed cyberattacks on Cambodian politicians, dissidents and NGOs in run-up to sham election.

Free Speech Crackdown Sparks Hacker Backlash in Thailand (Naga News)

The impact of and reactions to the Thai junta’s Computer-Related Crime Act

Expert Commentary / Analysis/  Guides:

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Explained – and What That Means for Facebook Users (Secure Thoughts)

Deep-dive into the murky election meddling of Cambridge Analytica and the privacy breaches at Facebook that allowed it to happen.

Is Your Computer Really Spying On You? (Secure Thoughts)

The truth and ethics behind data tracking and targeted ads.

Promising Technologies That Will Have a Huge Impact on Cyber Security (Secure Thoughts)

Guide to the most compelling new developments shaping the industry.

Internet Regulation Around the World (Secure Thoughts)

Online privacy laws, censorship and net neutrality.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Security (Secure Thoughts)

Guide to blockchain technology and how it’s deployed for better security and transparency.

What is a Data Breach and How Long Does it Take to Locate One? (Secure Thoughts)

Why data breaches and hacks are so difficult to detect

Everything You Need to Know About Encryption (Secure Thoughts)

In-depth guide to how data encryption works and how to apply it

Are VPNs Legal? The Ins and Outs of VPNS and the Law (Secure Thoughts)

Legal and illegal uses of VPNs; how they relate to censorship and access to information

How to Maximize WPA2 Wi-Fi Security for Business Networks (Secure Thoughts)

Tech-heavy guide to WPA2 security, WiFi router weaknesses and AV software.

The Ultimate Guide to Antivirus Software (Best Online Reviews)

Consumer guide to AV packages.

What is the FCRA? How are Online Background Checks Governed? (Best Online Reviews)

Legal rights and restrictions of organisations and individuals running background checks in the US

Everything You Need to Know About the Raspberry Pi (Secure Thoughts)

Including how to use these tiny computers to create a dedicated, portable VPN-protected router for home or travel.

Older articles: 

The Team that Wants to Give You Back Your Data – and Why That’s Great News for Fintech (The Global Treasurer)

Fintech Entrepreneurs: Make Sure You’re in the Right Side of the Law (Payment Eye)

Obama’s Tech Summit Snubbed by Tech Leaders (Payment Eye)

85% of Fraud and Cybercrime Unreported (The Global Treasurer)

Cost Cutting Opens Doors to Cybercrime

Cybercriminals Shift Sights from Banks to Payment Platforms (The Global Treasurer)

Banks Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid, Says Barclays Chief (Payment Eye)

Will Bitcoin’s Revolutionaries Play Ball with the Fed? (The Global Treasurer) 

British Government Starts Taking Bitcoin Seriously (Payment Eye)


Header Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash