Listen to My Interview on The Underworld Podcast Here…

As long time fans of the show, Nathan and I were pretty pumped to appear on The Underworld Podcast last week. It’s not the lightest of subjects – we’re talking about our experiences investigating the growth of industrial-scale online scams in Southeast Asia, which has involved tens of thousands of people being trafficked into modern slavery in some truly atrocious conditions. But we did get to dive into the rise of Chinese gangster-patriots and the bizarre history of currency and crypto scams across Asia – a story which features militia-run casino towns in the jungles of Myanmar, fake nuns scrawling the name of Ponzi-Cult leaders on their shaved heads, and Chinese ex-cons buying new identities (and business empires) in Cambodia. Oh, and the time we wandered into a human trafficking processing centre in Laos.

Hope you find it entertaining / interesting / enlightening, etc.

You can listen here on Apple Podcasts:

Or Here On Spotify:

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