Development & Tech

Articles on approaches to global development, including innovative DevTech.

Big Cats, Big Business: Inside Southeast Asia’s Illegal Wildlife Trade (Inside Over)

An in-depth report on Southeast Asia’s vast and destructive wildlife trafficking trade, and the need to address this as a development issue, not a criminal one.

The Coronavirus Could Finally Kill the Wild Animal Trade (Foreign Policy)

Why the threat of another zoonotic disease pandemic could be a gift to conservations striving to reduce demand for trafficked species.

Who would want to build a tech startup in occupied territory? Meet the optimists of Palestine (Quartz)

Feature on Ramallah’s budding startup scene and the particular challenges its entrepreneurs face.

From Behind Bars to Hip Hop Stars (What’s On Phnom Penh)

How a breakdancing and education NGO led by a convicted criminal deported from the US got hundreds of kids off the street and into careers.

Struggle and freedom: the Vietnamese archive that celebrates a secret LGBT culture (The Guardian)

For six years Dinh Nhung has been collecting the memories of a community, derided by colonialists and communists, and only now coming out of the shadows.

These Indonesian Women Are Part of the Design Team for Their Own Development Tech (How We Get to Next)

Exploring the work of the DevTech NGO Kopernik with “last mile” communities on the remote island of Lembata.

$75 to Walk Again: Tackling Asia’s Prosthetics Crisis (How We Get to Next)

How 3D printing could provide an affordable prosthetics limbs for Southeast Asians who continue to lose their limbs to landmines and UXOs.


Volunteer travel: experts raise concerns over unregulated industry (The Guardian)

How the voluntourism industry frequently harms the people it’s designed to help.

‘Volunteering abroad was her first big adventure – she thought she’d be looked after’ (The Guardian)

Joint investigation into the unregulated industry following a series of deaths at one UK-run project.

Teaching Abroad “Volunteers Had Little Impact On the Kids” (The Guardian)

Interview with Sarah Pycroft, who set up an intensive teacher training course to tackle poor skill levels among Western volunteers.


Lead Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash