Yeah, F*ck You, Toby Micklethwait

No. Just, please – no.

Last night I discovered a UKIP “Political Communication” in my kitchen. I do not know how this traumatizing incident came about; presumably the leaflet had been inadvertently intercepted on its journey from letterbox to recycling bin. After initially dropping it faster than an anthrax-saturated hot potato, I found myself seized by the desire to tear it into tiny little pieces, and to send those tiny little pieces back to the lamentable individual who had seen fit to post them to me in the first place. Which, having succeeded in salvaging the relevant address from the remaining scraps, I have now done.

The following is a transcript of the accompanying letter, sent off this afternoon with considerable glee:

Dear Mr. Micklethwait,

I write to confirm receipt of your “political communication”, which I am returning to you, enclosed. I had initially supposed that this would be sufficient to illustrate my feelings towards your party, but it now occurs to me that, given your membership of UKIP, further clarification may be required.

Firstly, as a rational and reasonably intelligent human being, I intend to reserve my vote for a party with the collective mental capacity to (1) comprehend basic environmental concepts, particularly rergarding climate change, and (2) think up a few half-useful policies that are rooted in something other than regressive, xenophobic paranoia.

Secondly, the fact of my having been born in Britain really is little more than geographical fact and a lucky accident – hardly something to base an entire sociopolitical ideology on. One of nicer things about living in this country is that a person’s right to think, act and develop along their own lines is (largely) legally enshrined rather than sidelined in favour of a contrived, idealised monoculture hacked out of nostalgia and senseless nationalism.

Moreover, being from a family whose members include indivduals of New Zealand, Jamaican, Indonesian, Trinidadian, Grenadan and Irish descent, I find your racist, blinkered and frankly pathetic analysis of what is “British” enough to be valuable not only prescriptive but insulting. I recommend that you get out of Surrey, and find a real job. Preferably, one which does not involve wasting public money on whingeing about the millions of British citizens who do not consider a roast potato to represent the dizzy heights of man’s achievement. Perhaps then you will begin to understand what a sad, silly little party you insist upon championing – although I strongly suspect you lack the intellectual rigour for such self-critique.

In the meantime, please refrain from distributing any more of your vile and unwelcome material to my family’s door.


Lindsey Kennedy


Well, now I feel better. If anyone else feels the urge to forward their views (or, indeed, bodily excretions) to Mr. Micklethwait, his address is: UK Independence Party, Runnymede Weybridge and Spelthorne Branch, Hamilton House, Lyne, Surrey KT16 0AN.

Now I just have to decide who I am going to vote for…


  1. Do you realise that you have committed a criminal offence by publishing and inciting possible violence towards

    Toby Micklethwaite? “Well, now I feel better. If anyone else feels the urge to forward their views (or, indeed, bodily excretions) to Mr. Micklethwait, his address is: UK Independence Party, Runnymede Weybridge and Spelthorne Branch, Hamilton House, Lyne, Surrey KT16 0AN.”


    1. Thanks for your concern, Julian, but this is emphatically not a criminal offence. Publishing the official, publicly available office address of a political party in case someone fancies sending them a letter is not “inciting violence”. Even considering the remote possibility that a reader does not recognise a lighthearted joke (I suppose you’ve proved that it’s possible, even if it did take the best part of a decade), I’m struggling to locate any reference to violence in that sentence.


  2. I hope you are right indeed I trust you are right. There is certainly no violence inferred, implicit or stated in your letter. I enjoy your humorous repost to the UKIP drivel, although I don’t think it appropriate to do the scatalogical equivalent of eye for an eye. I think UKIP think the rest of us are low intelligence ‘alternative truth’ fodder – yesterday the drivel was for racial integration, today it’s about security…………………… is difficult for a small ‘party’ to get ‘on message’……….but fun to watch!


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